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Remember that game called "Hipster or Homeless?" This scarf is the epitome of that game. [Self Made Co.]

Can you really put a McRib in truffle oil and call it a "delicacy"? They tried. [Fancy Fast Food]

Some kids are so cute you want to squeeze them so tight that their little heads pop off. If this kid keeps playing his guitar he'll become a major explosive. You must watch this. [Youtube]

End genocide and crimes against humanity. #George Clooney [Enough]

This is what happens when Botox and Christmas have drunken sex. #jabmyeyesoutnow [Celebuzz]

MTV announces The Music Meter, a place where up and coming artists are judged on their social media hits and plucked up like little eggs ready to hatch. Is this a good thing? Probably not. [Blog Herald]

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