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Lorena Bobbitt meets Thelma and Louise. [Gawker]

What your favorite magazine says about you, because you are what you read, or something. [Thought Catalog]

"Boys are like microwaves and girls are like crockpots." And every other totally factual lesson abstinence-only education has taught us. [Feministing]

Comments that were banned from Sarah Palin's Facebook. [Street Carnage & TV Boners]

We're into Lucia and her beautiful photography. Are you brown downtown? [Serial Optimist]

We did it girls! We really did it! We broke free of the BBQ gender rules and rigid Tampax commercials! #wearetryingtosay"almost" [Marketing Magazine]

Re-live the 90's like Olympia promised you could. [Dowloadoftheweek]

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