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Remind us again why this is such a big deal? Aguilera gets drunk and passes out on Renner's bed? Who hasn't been there? #Renner is a nerd. #buzzkill [US Magazine]

Lauren Hutton is the Snooki of gaped teeth. ("I invented the freakin' poof.") [Huffington Post]

Kate Moss makes out with transexual model Lea T for the cover of LOVE magazine and my grandmother got a new exercise outfit. [Mail Online]

Our Editor-in-Chief Hana May started blogging about menswear for Antenna Magazine while Antenna's Editor-in-Chief Kaity Velez started blogging with us. #tradesies [Antenna Magazine]

Another reason to leave hickeys back in the 6th grade. [Gawker]

You should really follow this girl @bitabitabita on Twitter. #sofunnyImightpuke [Twitter]

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