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Ask an abortion provider. This is a must read. [The Hair Pin]

This is one of our favorite new bands to come out of the North. They are called Peace and their drummer is a hard-nosed reporter. [Beat Route]

Oh, Kelley Hoffman. You kill us every time. #HowToGotoaFashionShowonShrooms [Thought Catalog]

It was a given that someone was going to catalog Charlie Sheen's history of violence towards women and we praise the source. [Jezebel]

We heart Marnie Stern. [The Vagina Monoblog: Touring Life with Kayne West and Gifford Gottfried's Love Child]

Guess what? White guys CAN rap. Don't tell them though. Seriously. #weedculture #chrissy #ryry [Sound Cloud]

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    Superbly illimuntaing data here, thanks!

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