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And once again, a frat boy proves with his own idiotic behavior, that frat boys are frat boys are idiots. #offensive #beyond #words [Jezebel]

"Babes in Toyland Meets Black Metal." #very #very [I.G.G.U]

We sure like Erin Gibson and we love Info Mania. #plannedparenthood [Huffington Post]

The victim blaming in the New York Times article on gang rape was brutal. Hay Ladies, follows up. #whathefakisgoingonwiththeworld [Hay Ladies]

We can never get enough of the fabulous, fabulous eye candy of Internet K-Hole. #chalkcircle [Internet K-Hole]

Kurt Vile live from some hip roof in some hip town on some hip website. [Pitchfork]

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One Response to “ROUND UP”

  1. mimi says:

    I had to stop reading the Frat Memo midway–my brain was melting.

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