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Everybody get down this Friday with 11 teen pop singles from under-aged, oversexed 12-year-olds. What, that doesn't sound like fun? [dis magazine]

Björk will be unveiling Biophilia, a multimedia project at the MIF this summer, complete with a 30-foot pendulum that creates musical patterns from the earth's gravitational pull. [Dazed Digital]

Ryan O'Connell's generational signifiers. #xanax #grizzlybear #narcissism #kombucha #ikea #croptops #unemployment. [Thought Catalogue]

Porn stars were violated in ways that weren't invited this past week. STD test results and personal info about thousands of porn performers leaked to the public. [Gawker]

Ear candy from 19-year-old Leno Lovecraft. #italodisco [Altered Zones]

Hurray for the weekend!

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