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Glenn Beck is outta Fox News! And for the very last time Jon Stewart puts on his impersonation glasses and opens our ears to "f*ck them with the truth." Oh how we'll miss JS as GB. PEACE you crazy ass mofo! [Gawker]

What would it take for you to pay attention to the Beastie Boys again? How about a short film with Will Ferrel, John C. Reilly, Jack Black, Seth Rogan, Danny McBride, Jason Schwartzman, Susan Sarandon, Will Arnett, Ted Danson, Elijah Wood and pretty much every celebrity to ever exist ever. #fightforyourrighttoparty [The Fader]

Just when Jersday became Thursday again, Showtime gives us Gigolos, a porny reality show about male escorts and the clients they bone. Thank you, reality TV gods. [Creative Loafer]

Not sure whether to laugh in horror or just vomit on the keyboard. KBR, the company who didn't do anything about an employee being drugged and gang-raped named Top Employer for Women. [Jezebel]

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