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A round up of the week's happenings

Amy Klein of the band Titus Andronicus on gender, performance and power in rock music. [Amy Andronicus]

And my response to her awesome piece. [Mish Hearty Blog]

We are all hookers. #plannedparenthood [Reality Check]

Remember, like, five years ago when everyone and their Home Ec teacher was chemically straightening their hair with that whole Brazilian Blowout phase? Turns out that just like most beauty "miracles" it's bad for you. #bigshocker [Refinery 29]

Kobe Bryant gets fined $100,000 for calling a referee a "fag" during a basketball game. He feels remorse but no lighter in the pockets. [Sports Illustrated]

Speaking of sports, now you will always know what to wear when sitting court side thanks to Rachel Roy and Amare Stoudmemire new line. Right. 'Cause that was our main concern. [HighSnobette]

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  1. tee says:

    “clothing for the girl who goes to sporting events”? UGHHHHH.

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