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A weekly round up of some of our favorite links and stories.

This 10-year-old girl just wrote an awesome zine and she didn't even know it. Best line: "I also hate Barbies, pink, my little ponies, and glitter is okay, I guess." [Jezebel]

Jody Rogac kills it with her lens, again. [Contributor Magazine]

Every celebrity under the sun loves the Beastie Boys and Fight For Your Right: Revisited proves it with cameos. If you missed it on TV last night, you can find it online here. [New York Magazine]

Just a little something for those days when you feel like wearing nothing. [Di$count]

Kathleen Hanna blogs about why this generation should try to avoid getting stuck in the binary of "Martyr Artist vs. Fucker Businessman." #sellingout [Kathleen Hanna]

The Sex-Ed book they should have given us in high school. [90's Woman]

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