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Lindsay Lohan takes Niecy Nash on an exclusive tour of her house, confronts her father issues, relationship hurdles and admits to the world that she might be a celebrity hoarder. Title this: "House of Yes." [Show Hype]

David Agbodj, the new face and body of CK is giving New Yorker's a reason to go to SoHo and drool. [Parlour]

Eddie Vedder found out that Vice was releasing the new Pierecd Arrows record, so he wrote a letter--by hand--about how important he thinks Fred and Toody Cole are to Rock 'n Roll. Dear Eddie: No duh. Love, Michelle Tanner. [Vice]

We love Chatroulette. Do you? This guy does. [Cobra Take Over]

Courtney Love and Chloe Sevigny talk fashion shop. I die, I die, I die. [Russh Blog]

Anti-choice support for the Superbowl this year: a whole new level of crazy. [Bust]

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