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Every Friday we round up of some of the best stories from some of the best sites from the past week

Lady Gaga as Michael Jackson reenacting scenes from Rent in her new slashed-budget video. [Perez]

What your man's one word text reply really means is, "I hate you, you're stupid." And other close textual analyses. [Hairpin]

What kind of drunk were you last night? A helpful guide to categorize your alcoholism. [Thought Catalogue]

Get to know everyone's favorite hyper-intellectual video artist of the moment before you see his show. Ryan Trecartin's Any Ever exhibit opens today at MoMa. [Dazed Digital]

Boehner's out of the house so Republicans had to come up with a new way to degrade women's rights--with a shitty horror film that shows women who want to get abortions being tortured Saw-style. BE AFRAID. [Village Voice]

On that note, have a great weekend hearties!

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