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Every Friday we round up of some of the best stories from some of the best sites from the past week

Summer Breeze, the manufacturers of those make-your-pussy-smell-good-sprays, hire a wealthy cat to tell the world that "vaginal" is now a synonymous term with "awesome." We agree, but feel totally uncomfortable with all of this. [Bust]

Tyra says: accentuate your shoulders, diminish your waist and smize. Here's a memo on our generation's iconic  anorexia-seeking pose, the Broken Doll. [Dis Magazine]

Schwarzenegger, Weiner, and Strauss-Kahn might actually have been genetically-programmed to cheat on wives, tweet photos of their dicks and assault hotel maids. Wait, so this isn't just the intuitive straight-white-male power complex? [Motherboard]

Reasons not to cheat: laziness. Rob Delany on marriage and fidelity. [The Fader]

Dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel gets big ups from the NYTimes for his new album Kingston Story. Does his skin-bleaching hype have anything to do with this? If it's a gimmick, it's working. [ NY Times]

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