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Every Friday we round up of some of the best stories from some of the best sites from the past week

Police violence in the LES this week. Not a good look. [Baller Status]

Stop telling cute little girls how cute and pretty they are, duh. [Huffington Post]

Interested in bedding one of the hearty writers? Read this first and do your prep work. [Thought Catalog]

Girls poo too, here’s a quick run through of the all the bodily functions and issues females have to deal with, periods included. [Thought Catalog]

Apparently, Facebook is more popular than porn. Although highschool boys can just jerk off to Facebook pictures of the girls at school. [Motherboard]

Overweight dudes dressed like skeazy PR girls from Orlando roaming around NYC in a new reality show: welcome to Girlhattan. [Karmaloop TV]

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