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Girl time, bitches.

Some women tattoo on their eyebrows or eye liner or butterflies or their best friend's name and others go Chanel. Talk about devotion. Next she will want to legally marry these bracelets like that objectum sexual woman who fell in love with the Eiffel Tower. [Sabrina Karen]

Negative Nancy, Elizabeth Sankey reminds us all why love sucks. [Platform]

Marisa Meltzer, author of the book Girl Power: The Ninties Revolution in Music--a history of riot grrrl, feminism, punk, Olympia, Sleater Kinney and all the rest--answers 5 questions. [Hey Bunny]

Suri Cruise wears lipstick--somehow the world is surprised. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]

Lisa Hilton of The Daily Beast sticks up for the size-zero model who she says shows "professionalism" and "discipline" by staying thin to keep her career strong, unlike the other 90% of Western women who are maybe just jealous. Hilton's piece is nominated for bullshit negativity of the week. [The Daily Beast]

The Winter Olympics start today in Vancouver, B.C. Do you believe...(Bitch?) [Youtube]

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