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Latest issue of Bitch Magazine hosts an analysis of pop culture, binge partying and girl pop. Why is right now the time to pride being both black-out wasted and female? [Bitch]

Kurt Vile parts his hair and shares his face with the world for Vice. Photos by Mick Rock. [Vice]

Following in a similar style of The Selby, Hana Pesut documents the daily routine of manicure expert Christina Culver through her beautiful home. [Sincerely Hana]

Our favorite New York jewelery designer Pamela Love's manifestation of skulls and chains. (Did you know that Pamela is an excellent drummer too? Hot tip.) [Svartsvanur]

Baseball is usually pretty dull (unless you're drinking in the bleachers) but these commercials from New Era featuring Alec Baldwin and John Kransinski make it likeable. [Youtube]

Celine Dion puts the kibosh on the awesome Tumblr blog "Ridiculous Pictures of Celine Dion". [AUX]

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