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Every Friday we round up some of the best links from some of the best sites to make sure you don't miss 'em

Morrissey equates the Norway massacre to eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken. [Gawker]

An open letter to girls searching to fill the pressure of obtaining both a boyfriend and job. [Thought Catalog]

An interview with Los Angeles band, Puro Instinct. [Pop Manifesto]

We're kind of obsessed with super model, Charlotte Free and her personal style (however, we could do without the Slayer shirts and "rock on" hand gestures #AlittletooAvril). [Fuck Yeah, Charlotte Free]

Yes, you are right, Alexis Orgera. All writers do this. We pimp out the world for our own glory. [HTML Giant]

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3 Responses to “ROUND UP”

  1. superman says:

    damn, in what patriarchy am i living in? cause all i get is women telling me what to do. am i in the wrong discipline?

  2. jealousass says:

    fuck those wannabe literatis

    their writing sucks banal cock

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