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Every Friday we round up the best links from the past week. We wouldn't want you to miss 'em.

Ryan Gosling makes a diorama for a reporter at GQ magazine. We're going to ask him to come to the hearty office to make mood boards. [New York Magazine]

What goes perfect with those Gap khaki pants and A-line floral dress? Tacos, duh. The Gap starts it's own taco truck dubbed, "Pico de Gap." You can get a drink and two tacos for under $2. Not bad, Gap. Not bad. [The Cut]

The Body Gallery, "What Real Women Look Like." [Jezebel]

Apparently, being bros with your spouse's bros causes erectile dysfunction. Lesson? Do not infiltrate the man circle, ladies or else you'll never get laid again. #bullshitscience [Globe & Mail]

While we're on the topic of sex. Don't feel like calling your ex to tell them you might have left them with more than your University sweater? Send them an anonymous STD email that says something like, “I got screwed while screwing, so you might have, too.” [Ask Men]

Pamela Love and her Brooklyn home featured Backyard Bill (with a shout-out to our editor, Mish's band, White Lung). Yee-ah! [Backyard Bill]

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