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Every Friday we round up some of the best links form the past week so you don't miss 'em

A site for those of us who love to thrift shop and collect designer items all in one go, from the comfort of our couch and slippers. [Closet Rich]

Friendship bracelets. The fighting kind. #Etsy #WhatCan'tYouFindOnThere? [Bleach Black]

And if I was a super model, I'd do the exact same thing that Gisele did. #word #screwheels [The Cut]

Is it really a good idea to have a dating site that hooks up up based on your musical tastes? Isn't dating supposed to be about introducing people to new things not nerding out about Pitchfork's band of the moment? #WhatHappenedToTalkingToPeepsAtBarsAndRegrettingTakingThemHome? [Refinery 29]

Need some new radio in your life? Check out 9th Floor Radio's best channel: Gurl. [9th Floor Radio]

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