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We wrangle up the best of the week so you don't have to

This American Life is our favorite radio show and has been for over ten years. This week's episode "Gossip" introduces a story from fiction author, Rebecca Makkai, that will melt your heart and blow your mind. #topical #poetic [This American Life]

Speaking of gossip, can we talk about how Lindsay Lohan is wearing a Butthole Surfer's shirt in her Twitter profile picture? Get real, LiLo and name us a song. [Lindsay Lohan Twitter]

We're sure you read this post-VMA's but in case you missed it... [New York Magazine]

Tracey Clark-Flory of Salon digs further into the old wives tale that "when women orgasm we release oxycotin which makes us feel love" and thus, attachment or the pre-coital cuddles. A real cute story, but maybe it's total bull to the shit. [Salon]

Texan judge puts the kibosh on insane new abortion law which states that doctor's must show women their sonogram prior to performing an abortion on them. [Nerve]

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