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Read it and wee. A round up of clickable tidbits from the week you don't want to miss.

The Decline of Western Luxury. [Ad Week]

Byron Crawford calls out the Dutch, Pitchfork darlings of Iceage. Verdict? Neo-Nazi. The crutch? Drummer might be Jewish. [Byron Crawford]

Traffic stopped by armed men on a Mexico highway when 35 dead bodies were dumped. Twitter pics warned driver's of alternative routes. So, don't bitch about it taking over three hours to get from your hair appointment in Silver Lake back to Long Beach. [Hispanically Speaking News]

Dropping acid at London Fashion Week? We liked it better when Kelley Hoffman taught us how to go to a Dutch fashion show on mushrooms. [Vice]

Nirvana well. Dry as a bone, according to Jessica Hopper. [The Chicago Reader]

Portable make-up fixer upper? What happened to licking your finger and rubbing it intensely along the lash line like a real lady? [Racked]

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