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It's Friday, already?

Unsuspecting mom rakes it in ($13,000) by selling her kids old Nintendo game. Did the kid get a cut? [The Inquisitr]

Too young? Too skinny? Model Coco Rocha speaks up against her bread and butter. (Pun intended.) [NY Times]

What Tiger should say. [Jezebel]

Shaun White lands Double McTwist, wins gold. His coach encouragingly, drops the S bomb. (Shit.) [Business Insider]

Really knock out that fatigue with your coffee mug in the morning. [Via MTTM]

Cigarette companies trick us again. Big surprise. [Gawker]

From Meryl Streep to Her Majesty Queen Rania to Barbara Walters, The Daily Beast is having a Women in the World summit to showcase the stories of outstanding women. Ah, amazing! There will be extensive coverage of the 3-day event on The Daily Beast. [The Daily Beast]

Happy Friday!

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