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It's Friday. It's time to click on these links.

Open up the teenage girl inside of you. Come on, you know she's in there somewhere hiding behind the birth control and years of horrible one-night-stands. [XO Jane]

We love a good C-Love cameo. #bigshocker #Mishwritesthis [Rookie]

Hana's whole Switch-A-Roo thang is just making us do a big, fat, cute fart. Let's enjoy the outtakes. [Sincerely Hana]

This is oldish, but it represents our staff so well. [Vice]

For all of us girls who grew up in an individualized, feminized sport... A must read. [Jezebel]

Woman of the Year, Hether Fortune performing with her band, Wax Idols. Killing it, always. And then, tweeting about killing it because that's just the kind of girl she is. [Wax Idols]

Do you like lemons as much as this little cutie? #dying [You Tube]

Oh, and the future of fiction whether you like it or not, Ashton.#READ-THIS [The Awl]

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