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Little nuggets of juicy info you may have missed during your morning coffee reads.

A lesson for anyone who is writing an autobiography. [The Frisky]

Is little Frances Bean engaged? To the dude who plays in this band? [Huffington Post]

"Back Fat is the new cleavage!" Vice continues with their quest to document "Full Figured Fashion Week." [Vice]

Speaking of Vice, our editor Mish's new column, "Waste Coast" premiered this week. [Vice]

Why wouldn't this transgender boy be allowed to join Girl Scouts and doesn't she know that Girl Scouts kinda sucks? She could do better. [Nerve]

Dallas Women's Museum set to close in October due to the issue of $1.3 million. Andrea Grimes has something to say about this. [Hay Ladies]

THIS is Project Runway's Sexiest Shoe for 2011? [Racked]

Sandra Bullock's baby owns a Warhol and you can't pay your rent. [US Weekly]

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