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Olympia's anti-star's, Milk Music talk to Pitchfork about why they are the "outsiders" of the music scene. [Pitchfork]

Smuggling cocaine in the form of fake Manolo's? Prove it. [Bust]

Speaking of cocaine the world's first cocaine bar opened its doors. So cray it doesn't even need commentary. [The Guardian]

The right way to do a come-back is to make a 9 minute long music video featuring four of the most gorgeous and iconic super model's performing as your wrinkled, legendary asses. Oh, and reference how you were the geniuses who did this first way back in the 80's. Good on you, Duran Duran. [Elle]

Oh, how we love "first time" stories, especially when they involve sneaking out, cotton-mouth and sex that doesn't even last as long as a Germs song. [Nerve]

We don't get it, Drunk Mom. [The Awl]

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