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Guiness or Gaga, Miu Miu meow, helevtica cookies, snithcing, having an Olympic beer and a smoke, and a hearty reunion. Bring on the weekend!

MTV ID's Daphne Guiness as Lady Gaga. Later, fixes up the blunder like nothing happened. [Paper Magazine]

Miu Miu Meow. Miu Miu does kittens for SS 10. Check out these beautiful illustrations inspired by the collection. [Betsey J]

Stop snithcing! Want to up your salary, don't take notes from this Conde Nast employee, or at least don't get busted. [Gawker]

Helvetica could be one of the best fonts of all time. Now you can make cookies with it. [Staple Design]

Canadian women's hockey team wins Olympic gold, then cracks one open on the ice. [Jezebel]

A hearty reunion in LA. Hellz Bellz caught some of the action when we hit up the Stussy x Clae event. [WhatheHELLZ?!]

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