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"Where have you been living, under a stupid rock?"

Alleged murderer Casey Anthony (or "Tot Mom") decides she is just like everybody else and gets herself a YouTube video diary. [HLN]

We're surprised it took VICE this long to snag sex-pert and dick connoisseur, Alexyss K. Tyler. Seriously, guys. #penispower [VICE]

Super weird news, but Kanye West went on another Twitter rant. We know, right? Totally shocking. #DONDA [National Post]

Why is President Obama promoting fast food fish filets? [Buzz Net]

This video is funny, but we'd like to think us girls eat more than a "gust of wind" for breakfast (though a gust of wind is, like, super, duper filling, y'all.) [Harvard Sailing Team]

Undercover pricks. [XO Jane]

"Shit Girls Say" inspired something new "Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls." Some love it, some find it offensive. [GOOD]

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