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Collecting like an agency so you can relax... weird?

2 Broke Girls, a show that celebrates hating hipsters, is getting a lot of flack for being racist. [Grantland]

Easy Peasy, girl. [Jezebel]

When shit gets real. [Tracie Egan]

Hey, NYC kids. Get into this or get dead. [CRAZY SPIRIT]

Who knew a football star who believed in God could be such a big deal and spread purity like the wild fire is has proven to be? [GOOD]

Speaking of purity, Mish talks to some virgins (and one born-again virgin) and their ethics of purity. #theWasteCoast [VICE]

And Rachel Bilson is now a grill wearing rapper/baby delivering doctor. Too bad she can't deliver the rhymes. [Refinery 29]

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One Response to “ROUND UP”

  1. Sasha says:

    On a scale of one to “Shit ****** Say” videos, how bad is it that I chuckled at that Rachel Bilson video?

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