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The top tumblr pages we have discovered that keep us entertained. Tumblr is so weird.

Suicide Blonde updates the world with photos (old and new) of Dakota Fanning, Christina Ricci, Scarlett Jo, LiLo, Drew Barrymore, Tilda Swinson and many more. It's like a look book of exclusive celebrity eye candy. [Suicide Blonde]

Don't Dad, Don't Dad, just don't, okay Dad? Not as bad as it seems. [Don't Dad]

Why They're Hot is the man version of I Don't Care If You Wouldn't, I Would except it's not as cruel. Plus, it's really hilarious to read a list of justifications why Zac Hanson is still hot. [WhyTheyreHot]

Just some stuff that's been going through her mind while staying in Austin. [AnniePants]

Tony X likes to burn fires in his front yard and take photos of said events. Hoser. [Surfing on Heroin]

Photos and videos of John Frusciante. Yes. [Frusciante]

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  1. Jungleforce says:

    They have a david bowie version of that Froosh(John frusciante) tumblr called fuck yeah david bowie

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