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The Comedy Edition

Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara explain homeless people in New York. #oldcelebritiesrule [Yahoo Video]

Speaking of hilarious people who were once on Seinfeld, check out the re-cut version of "Jerry the Great." #Seinfeld [Mob Living]

This just in: Portlandia is f**king hilarious. #90s #makingfunof"alternative" #weheartsketchcomedy [Portlandia]

Sarah Schnieder of College Humor addresses the issue of the lack of women writers in comedy. [The Awl]

But there are some women making the world laugh, DIY style: Elaine Carroll with Very Mary-Kate, Karley Sciortino with Slutever and Amy Phillips as Rachel Zoe: Real Moments. Oh, and Bonnie McFarland but save this gem for a rainy day. #seeyouatthetop

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