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Sometimes it's the little things in life that are the best for you. xx hearty

Keep your breasts and guests happy this Christmas by substituting the boring holiday sweater with a decorative tit reindeer. [Beta Mom]

Stop chewing gum because Glamour says it will make you look old. Suck a mint instead. [Glamour]

Engage with the young ones! Play with your kids, or other people's kids or whatever. These finger puppets are cute and non-threatening to a child. [Married to the Mob]

Expand your mind. Do a puzzle like this 1000 piece jigsaw presented by TOTT Global, designed by Ron English. [Frank 151]

Want to smell good? Hug a frickin' guidette. We're sure some of the coconut scent from her poof will rub off onto you. [White Lightening]

Don't get too stoked. It's bad for everyone. [The Onion]

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