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In honor of Samantha Brick's contraversial piece in The Daily Mail (questionable news source, but we'll let this one slide today) titled "Why Women Hate Me For Being This Beautiful" we decided to round-up the best responses to her egotistic "I'm-a-hot-mother-fucker" fest. This article is girl-on-girl hate-inspiring at it's most manipulative, but we're gonna do a Greg Sage here and ask, "Is this real"? Sadly, it is. This is the kind of stupid you just can't make up.

Of course VICE got on this. Samantha Sick played Mad Libs with the original and then, had to do a follow-up. "Then there are those who have sought out my aunt's address and bombarded her windows with shit-filled condoms – over 1,000 so far." [VICE]

Somer Sherwood at XO Jane says that even though Samantha Brick looks less than stunning in the two-dimensional photos in her article, perhaps she has a real life quality that makes her a sex magnet? [XO Jane]

But then, Sherwood's theory was tested when Brick responded to the vile haters with this video. Brick claims the negative responses prove her "theory" that women hate attractive women...maybe people just hate the self-obsessed? You know what is worse than sleeping with a delusional narcissist? Talking to one. [Telegraph]

But, did the Brick backlash miss the mark? [The Jane Dough]

Nah. Psychologist Emma Kenny schools Brick to her beautiful face proving that Brick's article is provoking girl-on-girl hate and her experiences were exaggerations. WATCH THIS VIDEO. [itv]

And that is the end of beautiful Samantha Brick's 15-minutes of fame. Buh-bye girl!

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