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Animals, boobies, and photography, Bvlgari take note

Like the Bvlgari ads that feature actresses such as Julianne Moore or Kirsten Dunst ambivalently nestled between two lion cubs or a cockatoo, Ryan McGinley's work has often paired female and animal. However we're going to assume the upcoming, Ryan McGinley’s exhibit entitled “Animals” will be a far cry from the fashion-centered ads--for starters in true McGinley form, he’s bound to have some full frontal going on.

McGinley's exhibit, which will be held at both Team Gallery locations (a first time in Team history) May 2-June 2, focuses on the interaction between model and animal. But, instead of thinking about the animals as props, McGinley sees the animals as subjects of the work, exploring the tenderness and tension that arises between both creatures. McGinley gives little direction to his models (both human and not) and lets the scene play out on it’s own--this supposedly led to a marmoset hanging off someone's pubic hair. No direction, huh?

This introduction of the wildness contrasted against the typically controlled environment of studio photography blurs the lines between stage and documentary, nature and studio, wild and tame. See Ryan McGinley's "Animals" at Team Gallery locations (83 Grand Street and 47 Wooster, New York) starting May 2.

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