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Ryan McGinley in movie form

Ryan McGinley fever is in the air. Between his latest gallery showing, his new book, working with EDUN, and now directing Sigur Rós' newest video for their track “Varúð," it seems you can't breathe without inhaling a bit of it.

The Sigur Rós video is Ryan McGinley's first stint in the directorial world, and though you may be surprised not to see any animals, it's mesmerizing nonetheless. The video centers around a yellow haired girl who skips through New York, barefoot and seemingly uncaring about the traffic she would realistically be squashed by or the people that would swear at her.

“Varúð" is part of an ongoing experimental film project by the Icelandic group. Pairing the slow motion effect--because it's Sigur Rós after all--calming music and hypnotizing images, makes Ryan McGinley fever okay by us.

Watch Ryan McGinley's Sigur Rós video for “Varúð" below.

Sigur Rós: Varúð from Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Films

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