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Ryan Trecartin, like You-Tube nightmare theatre comes out in book form

Layering media, Ryan Trecartin’s creates intensely stimulating aural and visual landscapes that comment on youth, consumer culture, and the death of the individual. In case you missed his PS1 exhibit this summer, let us sum it up as room after room of sensory overload. Each of the nine videos played stacked with the likes of IKEA patio furniture and airplane seats. The cast of characters onscreen exist beyond any kind of gender or personality. One stares into his webcam and says “Am I overexisting or am I over existing? That’s my inside joke.” Except it’s not funny.

Naturally, we are curious to see how Ryan Trectarin's new monograph Any Eever, which was released by Rizzoli on Tuesday, work will reflect in a book.

Watch the trailer from Ryan Trecartin’s installation below and as much of his Youtube as you can handle here.

ANY EVER (Trailer), Ryan Trecartin PS1 from Ryan Trecartin on Vimeo.

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