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What can you do? You can release new music a little more often.

Sally Shapiro, the premier name in Swedish italo disco, hadn't released new music in over 3 years until today. "What Can I Do," is a new single that anticipates Shapiro's upcoming EP, Somewhere Else, due out in February.
If her voice were edible, it would be rock candy. Her serenade is so sweet and unassuming it makes any listener feel nostalgic for a feminine childhood. This song prominently features a flute, which is reason enough alone to stream it a few times. Ten points for creativity in the category of wind instruments.

Maybe now her and her partner Johan Agebjörn will do a live performance too? They never did, believing that live performances weren't fun and also wanting to maintain a life of normalcy. Clearly, the Sally Shapiro duo has never been to an Asap show. Someone should tell them that they're allowed to get on stage with 65 of their closest friends, which is the most fun activity ever.

Stream "What Can I Do," below and cop Somewhere Else off Paper Bag on 2/26.

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