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Samantha Pleet s/s '12 presentation for Fashion Week

To "cowboy up" means to toughen up, but add Samantha Pleet's touch and it's anything but rugged. Though the influences were subtle, Samantha Pleet goes western for s/s '12. The collection includes lots of dresses that feature bright blue and green feathers that appear to almost be painted on, color blocking in subdued hues and a constellation pattern--perfect for late night star gazing from the back of your cowboy's wagon or pick up truck, depending on what era you're going for. As far as silhouettes, in true Samantha Pleet form, there are lots of peek-a-boo stomachs and flowy bottoms. The more structured pieces came in the form of jackets and button ups. The collection also featured a bathing suit--we're thinking river swims. And the necklaces, created by Black Sheep And Prodigal Sons were horse hair inspired.

See more from the Samantha Pleet s/s '12 presentation below.

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  1. sandy says:

    love samantha pleet but her stuff is too $$$

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