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Velvet for all those wintry nights.

The tones of Samantha Pleet's autumn/winter 2013 collection are aptly evocative of fall. Warm reds, browns and popping mustards sit opposite peacock infused, cool blues and a repeated rich green print. Though for cooler weather, the collection's colors and prints allow a recollection of springtime to be held, making them stand-outish in a sea of monotonous grays and blacks. Many of the dresses feature cutouts and bare skin, a daring proposition in the colder months and one that reminds us of warm weather and sun fun as well. The texture of virtually the entire collection is luxurious-- ranging from silky satin to velvet--and couples the color spectrum beautifully. Dainty booties remind one of fall and keep some of the more structured pieces soft and wearable.

See highlights from the Samantha Pleet a/w '13 collection below.

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