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Sasha Grey's first words to the audience were, Thanks for coming. Wonder how many times she's said that in her career.

Last night we had the pleasure of hearing Sasha Grey be interviewed about Neü Sex, her monograph that hits shelves today. Well, it was mostly pleasurable, other than the fact that the dimly lit bookstore was a million degrees and packed with sweaty, horny dudes. Sasha was 45 minutes late, an offense most of the crowd forgot when she climbed up on stage in nude heels and a sheer, black, long sleeved dress.

She talked about embracing female sexuality, working with Steven Soderburgh, and her real-life girlfriend experience with Fiancee, Ian. Although Sasha did her best to steer the conversation towards her transition out of adult film and into mainstream acting, let's be real, everyone just wanted to hear about her bent-over life in front of the camera. When asked about her decision to start doing porn, she talked about growing up in an environment that made her uncomfortable with her sexuality. "Women are constantly told to be sexy, but never sexual."

Sasha believes that men and women are both bisexual, a statement that she said men get offended by easily when she makes it up front.  But behind the scenes she heard confessions and stories from the people she worked with in the industry all the time. "It's so much easier to be open and honest with a stranger."

There were parts of her speech that seemed transparent.  "Using my body as a canvas, as the tool is the most important thing." Not so sure about that one, Sasha.

But for the most part, she was well-spoken and confident. During audience questions she graciously accepted a barrage of creepy and pathetic praises one overweight bald man slung at her, "You're so courageous. Look at all the brunettes in here. Look at all the black, I'll wear black until they find something darker." She laughed at him. But then, "How do I tell my 39-year old son I'm a Sasha junkie?" We cringed. She also encouraged a porn photographer in the audience who was expecting his first child to be open and honest about his work with his family.  "I know it's totally different with a child. I'm not sure I want to have kids."

The signing was held at Housing Works in NYC, a community healing project that battles AIDS/HIV and homelessness. Sasha donated all the books they sold to help support the amazing work they do.

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12 Responses to “Sasha Grey Book Signing”

  1. Gillian says:

    I have a total girl crush on her. Not so much in the face cum shot scenes, but in general… you know?

  2. Mish mish says:

    Amazing job, Dana. This is great!

  3. j says:

    I kind of get the vibe that there is a real anti-porn sentiment being thrown around here. How can you be into someone who has built their career as a sex worker yet so easily toss around comments like “Wonder how many times she’s said that in her career” in reference to her thanking and acknowledging her fan base for taking the time to go?

    It might have been written with no ill intention but unfortunately it’s comments like this that perpetuate the constant negativity and stigma surrounding women in the sex industry. Whether it’s prostitution or pornography allowing people to think it’s OK to demean women through words gives little credibility to their character and erases their identity and their stories.

  4. Dana says:

    Oh ya, Questlove was chillin right next to me too, best night.

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  6. […] Last night you had the wish of conference Sasha Grey be interviewed about Neü Sex, her monograph which hits shelves today. Well, it was often pleasurable, alternative than the actuality which the dimly illuminated bookstore was the million degrees as well as packaged with sweaty, excitable dudes. Sasha was 45 mins late, an offense many of the throng forgot when she climbed up upon theatre in bare heels as well as the sheer, black, prolonged sleeved dress.” (Hearty) […]

  7. jess bloom says:

    sounds like creeps really came out of the woodwork. great post! i’m so jealous of you nyc people.

  8. Dana says:

    @J It’s clear that Sasha is an adult film star in particular who is vocal about the importance of embracing and redefining female sexuality. Porn is one venue through which sexuality can be explored and represented in ways that challenge mainstream notions of what it means for a woman to be sexual and what it means for a woman to work in sex industries. On a broader scale these representations inform interpersonal relationships that don’t necessarily need to be sexual. Expressions of gratitude, like “thanks for coming” signify a recognition of mutual respect and individual autonomy that is often undermined when it comes to women–especially women who do sex work. Check out Fred Berger’s writings on pornography, feminism and censorship. Sasha is a figure who’s work in adult film, mainstream film, and photography illuminates these contentious spaces in explicit, extreme, and often jarring ways. That’s why we think she’s valuable.

  9. Hana May Hana says:

    I don’t necessarily think humor translates to negative. Personally I find it empowering. Maybe it’s all in how you read and ingest the text.

  10. jess bloom says:

    i agree. porn is funny.

  11. C says:

    I wouldn’t say its writing like this that “erases woman’s character and identity.” On the contrary I would say its absolutely writing like this that actually gives Sasha Grey a more concrete identity. Before reading this I thought Sasha was just another pornstar who could do unnatural things with her throat. Since reading this she actually becomes more human, more tragic, more heroic, less objectified. God forbid we point out someone’s flaws, in the midst of what is actually a praiseful article, while having a sense of humor. @J you should look beyond your desire to contradict yourself and stir things up on a blog message board and maybe re read the article, or just read it. Or just get over yourself.

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