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Sasha Grey gazes out at the San Fernando Valley from John Lautner's Chemosphere house

First it was Lindsay and now Sasha. As part of his "Commercial Break" presentation for the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Richard Phillips has created short films using Lindsay Lohan and Sasha Grey as the focus.

“For my film portrait of Sasha Grey, I wanted to focus on her expressive and psychological transformation into a cinematic actor," Richard Phillips says. "Separate from the cues that have associated Sasha with her previous career as a performance artist working within the adult film world.”

Shot at John Lautner's Chemosphere house off Mullholland drive, one the most legendary residences in modern and cinematic history, Sasha peers out at the San Fernando Valley reflecting on her relationship with the location of some of her most noted adult performances. Costume designer, Ellen Mirojnick, whose work includes Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction and Wall Street, dressesd Sasha in lingerie and millitary inspired garments to highlight her masculine/feminie persona.

See more screen shots and watch "Sasha Grey" by Richard Phillips below.

“Sasha Grey,” along with Phillip’s first short film, “Lindsay Lohan,” will be included in "Commercial Break," presented by the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Venice, Italy, June 1 - 5, 2011, concurrent with the 54th international exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

SASHA GREY from V Magazine on Vimeo.

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