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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool to be featured on hearty

Julie Stutzman is a 25-year-old photographer, originally from Olympia, Washington and currently living in Austria.

"I focus on capturing the motion, form and spirit of the people and places around me," Julie says. "The pictures I take are usually closely connected to important themes, emotions, and relationships in my life."

At the moment Julie is only shooting with film. "I can't get enough of the grainy texture & depth that film offers." Julie's  cameras of choice are her pocket-sized Contax T3and her Nikkormat SLR and Polaroid SX-70.

To see more of Julie's work, please take a look at her website and Flickr.

If you want to be featured on hearty’s Saturday Selection, get a Flickr and start uploading!

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