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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool to be featured on hearty

Athanasios Gatos was born in Brussels and raised in Greece and currently living down-town Athens. Athanasios started taking some photography classes in university, particularly  black and white pictures with an old Zenit camera. Later on Athanasios ''discovered'' color film and never went back. "I love full colors and I believe that film helps to highlight better that," Athanios says. "It often takes many days, even months before I develop a film, so the whole waiting process can turn out to be very exciting".

The above image was taken last summer from the window of a trailer by the sea. "I was there in August with a friend and the night before there was this big thunderstorm that woke us up. In the morning we were staring out of the window enjoying the quiet surrounding and the smell of the dust after the rain."

Athanasios mostly shoots with a Canon AV-1 and Canon A-1, but sometimes turns to a digital Nikon-D60.

To see more of Athanasios work please check out his Flickr and blog.

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