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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool and feature it right here

Aina Climent is a 24-year-old photographer born in Mallorca, an island located in the Mediterranean Sea, currently living in Berlin.

She took the photo above just last week. "It has been a sunless depressing rainy July in Berlin and this day finally the summer was there, so after work we just took a train to the first lake to celebrate it," she says. "This picture captures for me this magic: the realization of something for which you have long waited, to finally shine and float and feel free."

Aina's cameras of choice at the moment are the Olympus OM-2 and Olympus mju II, as well as Yashica 635.

This week she is visiting her birthplace. " I want to take pictures here, a kind of rediscovering the place I was born after seven years of living outside."

To see more of Aina's photos please check out her Flickr, her site and Tumblr.

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