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Every Saturday we’ll be selecting a photo from our Flickr pool to be featured on hearty.

Alexine Mcleod, lives in Vancouver B.C. and has  been building a collection of symmetrically themed drawings, paintings and photographs she will show in its entirety this summer. "Symmetry is somthing universally appreciated--it can be found in art and nature everywhere and has an intrinsically captivating appeal that I have become obsessed with," Alexine says. "In my photographic series 'Painted Women' I have blended a stylized symmetry together with a natural one creating a new way of seeing the nude female form." Alexine is also working on a collaboration for the "Get Raw" show happening next month at the vintage clothing store Fas in Frank. The show will feature artified jean jackets. "We're having fun with ours, painting it up and adorning it with crystals and fabrics."

Check out Alexine Mcleod's blog and tumblr here.

If you want to be featured on hearty’s Saturday Selection, get a Flickr and start uploading!

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  1. tee says:


  2. Hana May hana says:

    These are stunning. I wonder how long painting one of the women takes.

  3. Zyanna zyanna says:

    this girl is seriously talented.

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