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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool to be featured on hearty

Dima Nevredimov is a 22-year-old photographer currently living in Kyiv, Ukraine. This photo is digital but has a lot of grain to it because Dima took it at ISO 1600. The car in the photo is a typical 1980s Soviet car. "I find its curves really stunning though it looks absolutely old-fashioned," Dima says. "If you want you can find some symbolism here, though I don't usually care about it. The car, as well has that glowing light, is red that is bloody (favorite color of the Soviet regime), and that green grass is something fresh."

Dima uses both  film cameras- his favorite one is a Soviet camera which is called Kiev 19, and digital ones, like the Nikon d80. Dima take photos mostly at night stating, "I'm a fan of intriguing combinations of colours and lit shapes that aren't possible at daytime."

To see more of Dima's work please check out his Flickr, and his website!

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