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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool and feature it. Right here.

Elias Carlson is a 29-year old photographer and graphic designer (by day) living in Seattle. Currently working on a photo book with Tim Gatto of Bit by Zeus, Elias is compiling work from some of their favorite photographers.

The photo above was taken in Priest Lake, Idaho, which according to Elias, is an insanely clear, beautiful lake. Elias had his brother swim for him while he tested out the "waterproof to 10 feet" claim on his Nikon Action Touch. Clearly the camera worked.

Elias' favorite cameras of choice are the Mamiya 645 1000s, Canon A-1, Olympus OM-1n, Minolta Autocord,  and the Leica III. Not a bad collection of gear.

If you would like to see more of Elias' work, please take a look at his Flickr, his Tumblr and personal blog.

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