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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool and feature it right here

Erin Simkin is a 29-year-old photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia now residing in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Erin went to university in Montreal, Quebec at McGill where she completed her undergrad, which she followed up with a degree in commercial photography at Sheridan Institute in Toronto. Erin fell in love with photography in highschool after going on a trip to Africa with her family (where she had to fight her brothers for use of the one camera), but has been shooting professionally since 2009.

Since then, Erin has  started a Collective with two other girls called Bleached Blondes. They are a commercial content based collective, providing photography, video, production and makeup. They are currently working on a book project called Creative Class (working title) which sounds really amazing. "We are showcasing 25 creatives in Toronto that we admire," Erin says. "It is a three part portrait series. The first image is your natural unaltered self (what you look like first thing in the morning), the 2nd is how you present yourself in the public (your public persona) and 3rd whatever you have ever wanted to be, our team helps you create it." They are hoping to have the book ready by summer.

The photo above was taken  in San Miguel De Allende, the city is known as the city of fallen women, which is the title of the piece. "The colors in San Miguel are so vibrant and there is something so special about the light, it is definitely one of my favorite place to photograph."

Currently Erin's cameras of choice are  the 5d Mark III, Mamiya 645E,  and if money wasn't a factor "I would probably buy a Digital Medium Format Hasselblad or Mamiya 645DF."

To see more of Erin's work and to keep up on the details of the book release please check out her site, blog and the Bleached Blondes Collective.

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