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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool to be featured on hearty

Fiona Jesus is a 19-year-old Fashion Communications student  from Edinburgh. Fiona first became aware of her interest in photography when she was 7, after writing a poem about wanting to be a photographer for a school project. It was set from there on.

"I like interesting people and interesting places." Fiona says about her photography. "I grew up in a small town and I was totally fascinated by people who actually had hobbies and did cool shit. It was so rare to find people who escaped the "small town/small minded" attitude."  The photo above is of Fiona's  friend Daniel--they went adventuring on a mountain near her home.

Fiona's cameras of choice are the Canon EOS 300 and the Canon 7D. However, Fiona is a film addict as well. "I like the pressure of film, having one shot to capture that moment and the wait to get your film developed always excites me."

Fiona was recently in Milan and London for Fashion Week to continue her street style photography project, which she started last September. By the end of the year Fiona hopes to have an Ezine and an Internship with a photographer under her belt.

To see more of Fiona's work, please take a look at her Flickr, Tumblr and her blog.

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