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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool and feature it. Right here.

Grace Denis is a 21-year-old photographer born and raised in Los Angeles. Grace moved to Olympia, WA, where she is studying photography, for a change of pace. "We've spent our whole lives in big cities," Grace says. "And its been really refreshing to live a simple life in the woods."

The photo above is of Grace's friend showing off a smoke bomb she made. It was taken last summer in Los Angeles at some abandoned railroad tracks by her house. When it comes to camera's of choice, Grace prefer's shooting with a Minolta sr505.

Grace recently curated a group show that opens today (January 7)  at White Gloss Gallery in LA called 'ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE.' Grace is also working on publishing a series of books this summer--travel guides in the form of photo books. It will include photos of the strange places she has encountered and a little bit of the history behind each place. The series will include four book: west coast, east coast, midwest, and the south.

To see more of  Grace's work, please check out her Flickr, Tumblr and her website.

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