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Every Saturday we select an image from our Flickr pool and feature it on hearty

Joel Lee is a photographer from Toronto,Ontario living and working in New York City. Joel documents life, capturing the contrast between honesty and vulnerability. Of the photo above Joel says, "It was shot for MTV spots, under direction of Anthony Scott Burns.One of the locations took place in a field clouded by smoke. I remember that we were running back and forth and it felt like a scene from Gladiator. It felt very dream-like." Joel's cameras of the moment include the Yashica T3, T4, Lecia M6, Canon Rebel t2i.

Joel recently  participated in a group art show in Sacramento called Launch, which showcased some of his new work "Photo Studies." He also just directed a music video for Dirty Dancer's "Twisted Summer," where they use 60's surf-pop riffs as the foundation for their foray into gloom, desolation, and despair. A true exercise in surf-noir.

If you want to check out more of Joel's work, go to his portfolio site, and his photo site called 35 Combos.

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