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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool and feature it right here

Jorge Bonelli is a  23-year-old photographer from Alicante, Spain. Jorge began taking photos about two years ago, after moving to the city of Valencia in the east coast of Spain.

Most of Jorge's photography is taken using analog cameras he found in a plastic bag at an antique market. He has been testing  each camera ever since, which include: a Canon T70, a Halina Paulette, Minaolta AF-T and another no name camera Jorge calls the "C35mm" because it has a large C around the lens. "The [cameras] that fascinate me more are the disposable cameras," Jorge says. "It's good to know all the factors in controlling a camera and take pictures in manual, but with disposable cameras I focus more on the frame, on the photo and its contents and only do a click."

"The guy on the couch is my roommate," Jorge says of the photo above. "It was the first days in our new flat in Valencia, that moment we smoked the first joint of weed of our new academic year. He was high and I liked the light coming through the window making deep shadows, so I decided to take that moment."

Jorge is currently working on two different zines but in the meantime to see more of Jorge's work please take a look at his Flickr, and his Tumblr.

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